Esthetics &Prosthetics Integrating Custom Automation (EPICA)– offers world class German Scanning & Milling Technology, providing best CADCAM solutions for Crown & Bridge.

EPICA Dental Lab, a SBU of Unicorn DenMart Ltd., is a leading Indian Dental Zirconia Crown & Bridge manufacturer having state of art manufacturing facilities. EPICA specializes exclusively in metal free work i.e., Zirconia & Glass ceramics while the art of Zirconia Crown & Bridge fabrication is continuously being redefined. EPICA is successful in keeping pace with this evolution, setting new standards in precision and aesthetics, introducing innovations, adopting new technologies and obtaining technical expertise.

Zirconia Crown & Bridge – EPICA, the PERFECT Choice..!!
Zirconia Crowns have quickly become the preferred material for dental Crown & Bridge as these are made of strong substance that can endure wear and tear of everyday use. When looking at Zirconia Crowns from an aesthetic point it is clear and very similar to a natural tooth, it is hard to tell the difference..!!

EPICA Zirconia Benefits:

  • High class shade matching as compared to poor results in PFM – No marginal discoloration with time.
  • Shiny & Smooth Zirconia surface causes less harm to natural antagonist as compared to feldspathic porcelain
  • One of the World’s Best CAD-CAM machines used for Quality Precision. These are much better as compared to hand-made PFM

Glass Ceramic - Crown & Bridge - EPICA, the Preferred choice..!!

EPICA Glass Ceramic Benefits:

  • Use of IPS Emax- the break-through technology in Dental Crown & Bridge
  • The transparent colour and life like shape ensures that it gives exact match to the other teeth
  • No metal alloy base which means there isn’t any unsightly looking grey line around the gum line

EPICA enhances Professional capabilities :

  • Quality work can be offered to valued customers
  • Esthetics are enhanced - Patient’s acceptability is increased because of Quality we offer
  • Appealing customized restorations can be given
  • With less TAT, Quality assessment & number of patients in a span of time increases

Range - We provide complete range of Metal Free Crown and Bridge
Time - Fast turnaround & unmatched Glazing & Staining service available
Quality - With German Technology & Best Quality raw material we offer High Quality esthetics
Reliable - Professional, Qualified and Experienced Team
Service - Experience Customized Personalised Services, flexible as per your needs
Great Value - Competitive price with 6-15 years warranty*. Adds great value to the un-compromised product quality
Technology - Latest technology machines from Germany used for higher efficiency & quality service

EPICA offers widest range of :

  • High Class Zirconia from Translucent to Colored Blanks upto 10 units (Low, Medium & Intensive)
  • IVOCLAR’S Emax Press Crown indicated for anteriors upto 3 unitsfor superior aesthetics & strength*
  • Monolithic Crown / Full anatomical, Zirconia upto 4 units, PressableGlass Ceramic - single unit
  • Coordination for full mouth rehabilitation & face bow transfer